For the next year, we’re setting out on a journey of simplifying, clarifying, and recommitting to living more sustainably and rebuilding those patterns.

Each month we’re focusing on one area of our consumption and finding where we can hone our lifestyle.  

For the month of September, we’re looking into our methods of travel.  

While living in leavenworth already makes it easier to drive less, sometimes when we haven’t planned well and we’ve got the kids and lots of stuff in tow, we opt to drive.

So, we’re re-committing to only biking/walking while in the city of Leavenworth and choosing our wilderness-homeschool outings to align with this.

AuthorAmber Tande

We made it!

Hi Beautiful Friends,

We're here.  We’ve landed in Leavenworth, WA.  Our first few days in our new home town were the most beautiful, soft, and graceful we could imagine.  

Then, BOOM!  Initiation time.  

We found ourselves inside a situation we were not at all prepared for, with lots of emotions, wild mental activity, and confusion arising.  We had our own personal wildfire burning through some of the places that we couldn’t see what we needed to see.  It was a challenging start. 
Then, the smoke cleared a bit.  Possible solutions revealed themselves.  And wouldn’t you know it, the most beautiful solution was deep beneath the brush and smoke.  The one we never would have considered if the wildfire hadn’t come blazing our way.

Over the past 9 months, we’ve been letting go of so much we’ve grown, tended to, deeply loved and adored through our 8 years with Sutra Restaurant, Yoga Studio, & Farm. 
At times the letting go has been emotionally exhausting, disorienting, and also incredibly freeing.  In taking a step back we’ve had a clearer view to witness the ways all the beautiful branches of the Sutra Community are growing.  It feels bright and wonderful and exciting to see the projects members of the Sutra Crew are creating!

Now that we’ve cleaned out our closets (literally and figuratively) and thrown ourselves into the spin cycle (for months!), our eyes are finally fresh enough to really look at what serves and what does not.  We’ve hung ourselves out to dry!  Not abandoning our true essence, but releasing the attachments to a place and rhythm that was such a uniquely incredible gift, it was challenging to turn away from.  

But along the way, there was a call to be still and listen.  Each time we did so, we heard the call to first go in and nourish the Source with silence.  What arose was a strong pulse to trust that the beautiful community connections would continue to flourish and next, was the call to create something new, something so fresh that feeds our creative source (and will hopefully do the same for you at some point) and something that could be an offering to the elements and sacred energies that support us on the path.

So, here it is!!! 
We’re in the early-ish stages of creating Mana Restaurant!  

Mana will host a super elegant, earthy dining experience of 7-10 courses, paired with sustainable wines or wild-crafted non-alcoholic elixirs and tonics. We’ve taken what we’ve learned in our time at Sutra and 45 years combined restaurant experience and spiritual practice and elevated it to our most refined culinary creation to offer a journey honoring the beauty and wildness of the elements-earth, ocean, fire, air, space, and vision.

Right now, we’re amidst buying a beautiful little space in town with a gorgeous outdoor area.  Starting late October, if all goes as planned, we’ll begin the remodel process and be set to open in Leavenworth spring, 2016.  

In the meantime, we’re hosting 4 Mana Pre-Funk Pop-Up Dinners in Seattle in a gorgeous kitchen showroom (Seimatic) in Belltown.  These dinners will be small, intimate events (reservation only) in the styling of our new restaurant.

Our deepest gratitude for supporting us all the way to Sutra Restaurant's closing this weekend!  We shared a wonderful closing with our incredible crew for a Sunday boat float celebrating and clearing the way with cool quiet waters below and rushing winds above.
Very much hoping to see you in Seattle or in Leavenworth!

Amber & Colin 

AuthorAmber Tande

Recently, Mantra Magazine asked us about our biggest life lesson
We said…….“With each major initiation together, our two children, our restaurant, our yoga studio, and our farm, we’ve learned, first, to deeply listen to the wisdom of the heart. When you align with that great purpose, inspiration naturally arises; you transcend the limitations of the mind and then take the giant leap, trusting that where you land is the loving gift of the mystery.” 
The Next Giant Leap
To you, our community, we offer our deepest gratitude for supporting us in taking these leaps of faith and showing us there is always a soft and luscious landing.  We love you.
This September, we’ll be taking the next giant leap into the loving arms of the Mystery and moving east to Leavenworth.  Last year at this time, after learning Sutra Restaurant & Sutra Yoga Studio would be torn down to become apartments, we called in the full support team and began working deeply with shamans, seers, coaches, dear friends, and diving further into personal practices to clarify our life vision. 
What have we learned?  Be clear with the vision. Be clear with the vision.  Be clear with the vision.  Unify purpose & vision.
Previously we’ve had no lack of inspiration or vision.  The manifestation current runs strong in our family.  So our work this year has been to refine our listening to the wisdom of the heart and work in a way that the Big Vision creates and supports both community and a more sustainable daily rhythm for our family.
Why Leavenworth? Nature loving community.  Nestled in nature.  Mountains, trees, a gorgeous river in town.  Walkable.  Soft vibration (Almost no crime and tons of sweetness).  And, it’s just a short and beautiful train ride to the city to stay connected!
Sutra Farm:  We’re (gulp) selling the farm in September.  This was by far, the hardest of our decisions.  The land has taught us so very much.  We’ve created a deep ever lasting love for this land.  With that, if you know of anyone wanting to buy land to grow food and to lead retreats, to continue to build on the work that has been done, share this email and have them connect with us at  Our hope is that this sacred place is tended with the most love and adoration.
Sutra Yoga Studio: Sutra Yoga Studio will be closing May 30th
All class cards must be used by Friday, May 29th 2015
More on closing ceremony to come.
Sutra Restaurant: We just got word we have until Oct 1st!
After Sept. keep your eyes peeled for Jan & Aaron’s (dear friends & co-owners of Sutra Restaurant) new evolution, Harvest Beat!  And, we’ll keep you in the know just once a month or so, with our upcoming ventures.
Between now and September look out for a few ♥love♥ notes to you in your inbox.  With each passing day we’re growing more and more full of gratitude for the connections made and your loving support.
In the meantime, we have several offerings coming to full bloom over the next few months.  We’d love to see you in the city or at the farm for any (or many!) of them.  Our hope is that the farm is a sweet respite from the city for you.
With deep love and gratitude,
Colin & Amber

AuthorAmber Tande