January is just so good.  Many of us, after steeping in gratitude for where we’ve been, are reassessing where we’re going.  Our sweet little family is doing just that.

Next week, we’re setting sail for a month in Mexico.

We’ll be grounding, resting and reassessing, the first 2 weeks.  Next we’ll be in preparation for our Retreat in Chacala where for one luscious week we’ll be converging with an amazingly beautiful group of beings.

As the sun enters Pisces in late February, we’ll all be diving into the great grandmother ocean opening to the teachings of yoga, energy anatomy, and mythology greatly deepening our personal paths of intention.

We’ll be exploring the mystery and manifestation of energy within ourselves without daily distraction.  Just simple living, space, and an exquisite place to drop into full absorption, resetting to the rhythm of the heart, and realigning to the divine.

(There are 2 more spots for a beauty like you!)

Hoping we connect in some way either this week or when we return in early March with fresh bright eyes and shiny hearts.

Until we meet again, may you be inspired.

AuthorAmber Tande

Namaste Dear Ones, 

It's calling us.  The awakening of deep silence that subtly nudges us into the more quiet & gentle practices.  The longing to lean into the rhythm of the season. It's true: this time is sometimes filled with more things to do.  So the gift nature is offering us, is a resonant field from which to gather a way of being amongst the doing.  

At the Farm, we're beginning to ask ourselves, are we engaging with life from our most true, generous, and gracious nature?  Can we commit to taking more time to pause, reflect and continuously re-enter the deep and loving cavern of the heart.   We hope you find the spaces, places, people, and experiences that nourish the work of the soul this season.  So when spring and summer come upon us, the ignited expression of the soul shines through with purity and beauty.

For the months of December and January we've started our own personal practice of Infrared Sauna Mantra Monday Mornings.  Chanting many of the names of the Divine One, taking time to attune to the great space of silence, and writing and reflecting on the teachings of the heart. We would be so super delighted for you to join us with your own practice of trusting the rhythm of nature, nurturing your sweet soul, in whatever way that comes through for you.
Please do share with us. You inspire us to continue our work.

You can find us here.  (We're really new on social media, but are up for the challenge of adapting to the evolution of communication styles). 

AuthorAmber Tande