Our short story:

For the past 8 years, we’ve been nurturing, and deeply loving, our restaurant (Sutra Restaurant, Seattle) & our yoga studio (Sutra Yoga & Wellness Center, Seattle) and our farm (Sutra Farm, in Monroe). Co-creating this unique space and place for community to come together and enjoy fine dining experiences and/or yoga, shamanic, and healing practices has been a true gift.  It was a great honor to have our creation celebrated and lifted up by such an incredibly inspired and skilled community.

And then, as is the rhythm of nature, things changed.

After learning the entire block where our businesses sat would be torn down to become apartments,  we spent months in self inquiry & exploring the way we were living and what we’d create next. While the change of Sutra surprised us, the truth is, we had been saying we weren’t sure it would be sustainable for us to continue the way we were.  We were living on beautiful sacred land, an hour away from our work and our community.  

Our predicament: We had an amazing vibrant community in Seattle that we didn’t want to let go of, and lived in stunning nature on sacred land, that we didn’t want to let go of.  We wondered, can we possibly have both?  The wildness of raw nature AND our work and community in one place?  There was something just outside our view waiting to be considered.

We’d been coming to Leavenworth more and more over the last few years, spent time through all the seasons, and were smitten.  So, we closed up shop (and farm) and moved our family east in search of a more sustainable daily rhythm, with intention to reduce our physical impact on the planet and touch into the wisdom of the elements every day.

We’ve landed here in Leavenworth (and are so adoring the community and a more steady pace), purchased an old house with a gorgeous outdoor space where, for the next 6 months we’ll be living and remodeling it into a restaurant, maintaining our spiritual practice and a lighter teaching schedule.  We’ll be creating menus, foraging wild foods and medicines, homeschooling our daughters, and enjoying the majesty of the mountains, rivers, and trees.

This change has been a beautiful opportunity to clarify our loves and gifts to transform what we’ve learned over our 45 years combined restaurant experience and spiritual practice.  We’re elevating our most refined culinary creations and spiritual gatherings to offer journeys that honor the beauty of the elements: earth, ocean, fire, air, space, and vision.

Together we share many loves that culminate into an inspired desire to offer experiences that honor the sacred with a feel that’s elegant, earthy, and just a little wild.

Our most far reaching travels this year will be Seattle, Idaho, and Whistler BC.  Otherwise you'll find us working away on the Mana Love Project!

Wishing you beauty in all your moments,

Amber & Colin  

More about our personal journeys here: Amber & Colin