Dining with Us!

We've taken what we've learned over all our years of restaurant experience and 8 beautiful years running Sutra Restaurant in Seattle, Sutra Yoga & Wellness, and Sutra Farm Events and elevated it to our most refined culinary creation honoring the elements of earth, ocean, fire, air, space, vision and union.

Join us for a single seating per night and let us to take you on a truly unique 8 course journey through the senses. We're taking a wild crafted, wild hearted, high vibration approach that has us bursting with creative delight!

Cooking Classes with Chef Colin

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Think leek-roasted romanesca with smoked caper berries.
Wild porcini, lovage, ciopinni tamale, with a sandra rose cherry-pascilla negro pepper mole roja and a sea bean-fennel salad finished with a black lemon tequilla gastrique.
Elderflower-blueberry tort with a hazelnut brittle crust and a wild ginger-goat milk creme fraiche.
Or something like that!
We’ll also learn how to balance flavors with ease and grace. You’ll learn how to make dishes with bold flavors and pleasing textures that excite meat eaters, vegans, gluten free, dairy free, and people with sensitive diets. This class is both lecture and experiential. Come hungry and bring your questions.

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Yoga & Spirit.

With over 30 years combined teaching, we offer unique retreats and classes that express our love of the form and formless.  Coming from ancient roots of yoga, shamanism, and earth worshiping traditions, we bring practitioners into the present moment through movement, ceremony and ritual, and devotional practices.

Upcoming Events:

Mana Moon Circle for Women                    Leavenworth & Seattle 10.1.16--6.25.17

Winter Solstice Ceremony & Ritual         Wallingford, Seattle  12.18.2016   1-4pm

Dream Weaving  1/2 Day Mini Retreat                   with Amber Tande & Amber Zimmerman Leavenworth  1.22.2017  12:30-4:30