A Local, Organic, Ingredient Inspired, Divinely Orchestrated

Multi-Course Culinary Experience!

Dining with Us!

Friday & Saturdays,  join us for a single seating and allow us to take you on a truly unique 3 hour,  8-course journey through the senses. We're taking a wild crafted, wild hearted, high vibration approach that has us bursting with creative delight! Our intention, as always, has been to serve only beautiful organic food and drink, created with elegance and creativity, igniting body, mind, and spirit.

Dinner on Friday & Saturday is $85 per person with an option to purchase a wine pairing (all sustainable boutique wines) or a non-alcoholic herbal elixir and tonic pairing.  

Fridays & Saturdays dinner is at 6:30pm and lasts roughly 3 hours.  Reservations Required.

Sunday Suppers!  

Join us every Sunday for a beautiful 5-course dinner.  While Sundays Suppers are a bit more relaxed, you'll still be able to enjoy a high level culinary experience with super clean, interesting, feel good, organic, locally sourced deliciousness!

Sunday Supper's seating is at 6:30pm.  $65 per person. Lasts about 2 hours.

Kids are totally welcome.  Please let us know if you have children in your party.  Kids Bento Box & Non-Alcoholic Elixir $25.

We'd love to see you!  

Reservations Required.

Cooking Classes with Chef Colin

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With 25 years culinary experience, fun stints on Top Chef, Cut Throat Kitchen, several executive chef positions, Colin's range and teaching style is both fun and informative.  While each cooking class will have a few specific dishes to play with, Colin's also an expert at teaching flavor combining and practical techniques that will help refine your palate and every day skill in the kitchen!  

We’ll also learn how to balance flavors with ease and grace. You’ll learn how to make dishes with bold flavors and pleasing textures that excite meat eaters, vegans, gluten free, dairy free, and people with sensitive diets. This class is both lecture and experiential. Come hungry and bring your questions.

Next Cooking Class

February 10th 2019 11am-1:30pm

Yoga & Spirit.

With over 30 years combined teaching, we offer unique retreats and classes that express our love of the form and formless.  Coming from ancient roots of yoga, shamanism, and earth worshiping traditions, we bring practitioners into the present moment through movement, ceremony and ritual, and devotional practices.

Women’s Retreat with Amber Tande

Clear out. Clarify. Create.

October 25th-27th 2019

Leavenworth, WA

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