Hi Friends!  

It’s finally with deep breath and a little more steadiness that we write this message.

In a little turn of plans this last year, we ended up moving our family 4 times!  Now that the Mana Restaurant is open, and we’re settled in a little place we’ll be for some time, there’s more ease in visioning what’s possible for our lifestyle.

While we moved to Leavenworth with the intention to slow down, live a less wasteful, modern homesteading lifestyle, we were met with many circumstances we weren’t well prepared for.  Amongst all this change, our practices of living as sustainably as possible, became a bit more untethered than we’d like.

For the next year, we’re setting out on a journey of simplifying, clarifying, and recommitting to living more sustainably and rebuilding those patterns.

Each month we’re focusing on one area of our consumption and finding where we can hone our lifestyle.  

For the month of September, we’re looking into our methods of travel.  

While living in leavenworth already makes it easier to drive less, sometimes when we haven’t planned well and we’ve got the kids and lots of stuff in tow, we opt to drive.

So, we’re re-committing to only biking/walking while in the city of Leavenworth and choosing our wilderness-homeschool outings to align with this. (With the exception of one pre-scheduled trip to Seattle & Wenatchee).

This isn’t meant to be a perfect prescription for anyone’s life or way of being, we’re just weaving ourselves with stronger threads into the ways that are deeply important to us and clarifying what modern homesteading means for our family (more on this next month).

For fun, we’d love if you want to join us for this month of less-driving transport!!  If this is already your practice, we’d also love to hear all your favorite things about walking & biking.

With love, 

Colin & Amber

AuthorAmber Tande