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Mana Moon Circle

Sister Friends, Coming to full bloom Oct. 1st, is the entry way to taking a 9 month deep dive into the rich and subtle, lunar pathways of being, with a beautiful community of women.

Mana Moon Circle (gatherings in either Seattle or Leavenworth) is an honoring of sacred space for women to come together and face each other, support each other, heal with each other, and grow with each other.  Throughout our 9 months together, we’ll learn several journey styles, work very deeply and specifically with animal, plant, elemental medicines, create spirit tools, gather from earth based wisdom traditions, hone our meditation and ceremony skills, and strengthen our innate connection to the divine feminine. 

Over 9 months, we’ll have 6 group gatherings, 6 assigned spirit work sessions to develop your relationship to the energies we’re working with, refine your confidence utilizing techniques worked with in the group gatherings, and create meaningful personal ceremonies to honor the rhythms of the moon.  Our 13th moon gathering will culminate with an optional overnight retreat (or a personal ceremony).

While I’ll be sharing practices and techniques I’ve learned along my path, offering process work for the spaces between our gatherings, and monitoring questions in the private FB group, this is a place to co-create with, and draw from, the wisdom our sisters have carried into the world.  We’ll inspire one another to stay rooted in a steady stream of depth and beauty as we move through this strong rhythm of ritualized action exploring shadow and light, the creative and the manifest, stillness and movement.  

Energy Exchange Options:

I’ve tried to make our 9 months together as financially and energetically accessible and sustainable as possible.  So please do connect with me if you have needs we can work with.

  • $415 early bird (paid in full by 8/20/16)
  • $485 after 8/15/16
  • Payment Plan—5 payments of $115 (please email for withdrawal dates).

No refunds are after registering.

Moon Circle Meeting Dates