I am so honored to be a space holder for the unification of two devoted hearts.  I love love.  I love to witness love, to share love, and I love to celebrate the sacred transition into creating more love.

If you're interested in starting a conversation, email SutraSeattle@gmail.com and we'll set up a (free) 20 min. phone chat, or in person meet-up to see if our work together would hold you and your beloved in the highest for your ceremony.

What's included in our connection:

2-60 minute in person or phone meetings pre-ceremony to create clarity around the ceremony specifics, the rhythm, how you want the space to be held, and personal time in meditation, prayer and intention work and 5 hours on ceremony day.  Oh yes, and that little legal bit will be all taken care of!

Wishing you so much love in all the many ways!