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Mana Moon Circle Year #2!

Wonderful Women!   I’m so delighted to be holding Mana Moon Circle, Year #2!

This Moon Circle is an honoring of the timeless practice of women coming together in a sacred sphere to heal, connect, grow, witness, and support one another; to magnetize the lost parts of self into integrity, to re-member our soul purpose.

Working with Moon Cycle Rhythms, Plant, Animal, and Spirit Medicine, along with Meditation, Mantra, Shamanic Practice & Psychology as our framework, we’ll explore how we can clear what needs clearing, grow what calls us awake, and allow our personal medicine to slowly and naturally reveal itself.  We’ll also strengthen our personal art of creating personal ceremony & ritual to bring the subtle language of the Mystery more alive.

While I’ll be sharing practices and techniques I’ve learned along my path, offering process work for the spaces between our gatherings, and monitoring questions in the private FB group, this is also very much a place to co-create with, and draw from the wisdom our sisters have carried into the world.  It’s a sacred container to hold process work, and a place to inspire one another to stay rooted in a purposeful rhythm of ritualized action honoring the exploration of shadow and light.

Our overarching practice is updating our spiritual hygiene; our exact practices & methods will show themselves as necessary as the circle forms. 

Last year a few of the places we explored were working with the rhythms of the moon, accessing medicine of plant, animal, and spirit guidance, leadership, energetic boundaries, personal integrity, maternal lineage, ingenuity, creativity, drawing on support from the unseen, intuitive development, journey work, focus of love, meditation, abundance consciousness, proper grieving, personal medicine, womb healing, courage, sacred elements, shadow work, coming together in the unseen for support and rejuvenation. We’ll continue growing our relationship with the Mystery so that our presence and meaningful activity come into a more pristine alignment.

My intention is to lend a hand and heart in holding a sacred container, as we all re-learn the art of trusting our intuition, translating information from our guides, embodying our personal medicine, and living the wisdom of the divine feminine and masculine as a fully unified organism. 

If you’d like to join and/or still have questions, please email me @:

Love & Blessings, Amber 

**Our online/shorter practices will be serve as strong preparations for our in-person gatherings.  When we come together in person, we’ll spend the majority of our time diving deep into personal divination practices to access and process specific guidance for the life path.

Pre-Requisite: Mana Moon Circle Year #1 OR a basic understanding of the practice of shamanic drum journeying and a commitment to a regular journey, meditation, and self reflection/development practice throughout the year.  

Email me forsimple entry level drum journey practice resources. 

Also, Seattle circle will be smaller this year so we can work more deeply so please sign up asap if you’re interested.

$385 All Inclusive Purchase Here

October 2017-May 2018

We will have 2 separate circles.  One in Leavenworth, WA and one in Seattle, WA.

Leavenworth Dates:

All In-Community Gatherings:

 10/14/17&  1/27/18    2-4:30pm

11/11/17   3/24/18   4/21/18   12:30-4:30pm

Seattle Dates:

Online 10/15/17 & 1/28/18    2-4:30pm

In-Community Gathering: 11/12/17   3/25/18   4/22/18   12:30-4:30pm


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