Please note: This is a sample menu and subject to change.  The paired non-alcoholic drinks and wine pairings are optional and also change with evolving menus.



—1st Course—
Fried Nori Cashew Crisp, with Billies Heirloom Tomato, Soft

Baked Quail Egg, Micro Shiso and Finished with a Parsley Blue Chile Sauce

Leavenworth Imperial Green Tea Huney Jun-Kombucha

J. Laurens NV Crémant de Limoux, France


—2nd Course—
Salad of Icicle Frisée, Hope Baby Lettuce, Pickled Lady Fiddlehead Ferns, Shaved Fennel, Tierra Sugar Snap Peas, with a Marjarom-Hyssop-Hemp-Lemon Dressing & Maple Candied Pumpkin Seed

Cardamom-Goldenseal-Grapefruit Sparkling Elixir over Elderberry Ice

Yealands Estate Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand


—3rd Course—
Smoked Carrot Coriander Soup with Lemon-Coconut Cream & Micro Chives

Rose-Lime Mullen-Mulberry Sparkling Elixir Rosin

Langhe Rosata Rosé, Italy


—4th Course—
Black Garlic Syrian Záatar Sweet Kauian Shrimp, Oh Yeah New Potatoe, Snowgrass Spinach Cake Finished with Sautéd Garlic Scapes and Balsamic Reduction

Basil-Lemon-Ginger-Gingko Tonic with Ginger-Coconut Foam

Love and Squalor Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley 2015


—5th Course—
Anjou Pear-Icicle Goumi Berry Sorbet with a Honey Rose Drizzle

Leavenworth Pear-Nettle Huney Jun-Kombucha

2 Towns Ginger Cider, OR


—6th Course—
Smoked Roasted Beats, Sunny Pine Goat Feta, Gibbs Farm Cherry Gelée & Lime Basil Butter served with Bavarian Bakery Baguette

Rosemary-Blueberry-Echinacea-Nettle Sparkling Elixir

JRG Pamplin Family Winery, Columbia Valley 2013


—7th Course—
Lamb Meat Ball Chaat Masala Curry, with Kaffir Confit ́ Tokyo Turnips finished with a Red Wine Gastrique

Reishi-Chagga-Black Cherry-Vanilla Bean-Smoked Paprika-Linden Flower Martini with a Douglas Fir Tip-Sea Salted Rim

Newsprint Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Mountain 2016


—8th Course—
Citrus Pecan Brittle-Lavender Coconut Creme- Roots Farm Blueberry Tort with a Yuzu Whip

Mana Herbal Blend: Rooibos-Lemongrass-Lemon Balm Spearmint-Licorice Root
Priorat Natur Vermut, Spain


Dinner $85 Wine Pairing $47 Non-Alcoholic Pairing $24
*All wines and non-alcoholic drinks are organic and/or biodynamic/sustainable. *All non-alcoholic drinks are crafted like cocktails and have very little sweetener (no refined sugar).