Mana Restaurant is open as of August 5th, 2016!!   If you’re planning on joining us at Mana, we’d like to hook you up with a huge pre-funk sale as a big giant thank you for being part of this process and as a jumpstart for our last few needs to get us through the gauntlet! 

We’re almost there and cannot wait to share this creation with you starting in August!  This sale will only last until August 4th, or until our set number of tickets sell out.  At that time we’ll be on regular price.

We’re offering:

Please do share this with folks you think might be interested in celebrating with us!

Notes that might be helpful to consider which option is best for you:

  • You’re welcome to use these $$$$ for Mana Restaurant events. 
  • Can be gifted, fully or partially & they do not expire. 
  • Dinner is set to be $85-95 per person.  Drinks run anywhere from $6 for individual drinks to $42 for a wine pairing (all sustainable beer & wines).
  • Gift certificates are great for weddings and large parties too.  

   (Please note, we may require a wedding/party planner or organized representative for yourspecial event and/or charge a meeting fee for your party design).